At BY+KO we're able to manage your project from theoretical concept stage through to a practical complete solution. We will be there to offer support, guidance and design solutions every step of the way. You will come to see that ensuring client satisfaction is a very high priority here at BY+KO.


With experienced Archicad and Photoshop technical support, projects are brought to life and your vision revealed prior to large outlay costs and commitments. You will be presented with concept boards, scaled plans and coloured renders as support material during the design process.


Armed with tips and tricks to style any space, BY+KO will create exactly what you desire with any budget category. Whether you're craving contemporary charisma, terrifically tribal tranquillity or hygge happiness and hospitality we will present you with designer options and alternatives.


Planning how a space will function and operate is key for a successful outcome in how an area, simply put, works. Balancing functionality, practicality, flow, design elements and principles can be challenging and this is where sourcing professional assistance can be extremely beneficial.


Design Smart Package

A consultation package that suggests where to spend and where to save, where to start and what small improvements will make the biggest impact. Our interior designer will analyse the spaces you wish to alter and establish a design direction. We will research and evaluate the possibilities and present you with options and clear direction to move forward on a conservative budget. By & Ko will focus on decorating and styling that will aesthetically alter your surroundings. If you are looking to get your property ready to put on the market, for a cosmetic change or to simply maximise your homes interior potential this is where to start.


A 50% deposit is required to confirm the initial consultation

Valid until 31st Dec 2017

Complete Designer Package

Starting fresh, need an overhaul or simply want to invest in a new way of living, this package provides you with design concepts and direction to move forward and towards living in a home you love. By & Ko will work with you to establish a thorough design brief. We will then research, analyse and evaluate all design options to ensure we present you with interior design concepts and clear direction on how to achieve exactly what you are looking for. You will receive inspiration boards, plans, sketches and product schedules and then all that is left to do is implement the changes and purchases at your own discretion.


25% deposit required prior to initial consultation

Valid until 31st Dec 2017

The Nook Chair

Sydney Home Show Special


RRP $1299.00

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